Uncover Los Angeles Structure Studios By the Lens of Marc Goodwin

Discover Los Angeles Architecture Studios Through the Lens of Marc Goodwin

Marmol Radzinger. Image © Marc Goodwin





After having previously photographed the offices of architecture firms in the Netherlands, Dubai, London, Paris, Beijing, Shanghai, Seoul, the Nordic countries, and Barcelona, ​​architectural photographer Marc Goodwin continues the series with an exploration of 15 large architecture and design studios in Los Angeles. Featuring a set of emerging and world-renowned offices alike, the series gives a glimpse into the life of designers across the City of Angels.

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Morphosis Architects

  • In This Space Since: 2011
  • Number of Employees: 60
  • Former Use Of Space: n/a; new construction
  • Size: 11,600 large sq ft / 1,077 large sq m

morphosis. Image © Marc Goodwinmorphosis. Image © Marc Goodwin

Marmol Radziner

  • In This Space Since: 2001
  • Number Of Employees: 220
  • Former Use Of Space: post-production studio
  • Size: 17,500 sq ft / 1,625 sq m

Marmol Radzinger. Image © Marc GoodwinMarmol Radzinger. Image © Marc Goodwin

Eric Owen Moss Architects

  • In This Space Since: 1988
  • Number Of Employees: 20
  • Former Use Of Space: Industrial/manufacturing
  • Size: 560 square meters

Eric Owen Moss Architects. Image © Marc GoodwinEric Owen Moss Architects. Image © Marc Goodwin

Brooks+Scarpa Architects

  • In This Space Since: October 2018
  • Number Of Employees: 15-20
  • Former Use Of Space: Auto repair shop
  • Size: 4,410 SF

Brooks + Scarpa. Image © Marc GoodwinBrooks + Scarpa. Image © Marc Goodwin

Bureau Spectacular

  • In This Space Since: Aug 2017 – Jan 2019
  • Number Of Employees: fluctuates between 0-5
  • Former Use Of Space: Sewing Shop
  • Size: 100 square meters

Bureau Spectacular. Image © Marc GoodwinBureau Spectacular. Image © Marc Goodwin

Michael Maltzan Architecture, Inc

  • In This Space Since: 1997
  • Number of Employees: 30
  • Former use of space: bath house
  • Size: 8,061 sq ft

Michael Maltzan Architecture. Image © Marc GoodwinMichael Maltzan Architecture. Image © Marc Goodwin


  • In This Space Since: 2007
  • Number of Employees: 25
  • Former Use Of Space: ground up construction (designed and developed by SPF:a)
  • Size: 2,787sqm

SPF: Architects. Image © Marc GoodwinSPF: Architects. Image © Marc Goodwin

Ehrlich Yanai Rhee Chaney Architects

  • In This Space Since: 1999
  • Number Of Employees: 39 (including San Francisco)
  • Former Use Of Space: Originally the Culver City dance hall (built 1917) and then a mortuary before EYRC.
  • Size: 464 square meters

EYRC. Image © Marc GoodwinEYRC. Image © Marc Goodwin

Charlap Hyman & Herrero

  • In This Space Since: 2018
  • Number of Employees: Four in Los Angeles, Four in New York, Eight in total
  • Former Use Of Space: Built in 1925, and nestled into the Hollywood Hills with views of the Capitol Records building, Downtown, and Hollywood Tower, this building was formerly a speakeasy during the prohibition era, also rumored to have been a brothel at one point . The 9,000 SF (840 SM) grounds now house Principal, Andre Herrero’s living quarters in one wing, and the Los Angeles branch of Charlap Hyman & Herrero in the other. As photographed under extensive renovation.
  • Size: 280 square meters

Charlap Hyman And Herrero. Image © Marc GoodwinCharlap Hyman And Herrero. Image © Marc Goodwin

Dan Brunn Architecture

  • In This Space Since: 2010
  • Number Of Employees: 5
  • Former Use Of Space: Office
  • Size: 600 square feet

Dan Brunn Architecture. Image © Marc GoodwinDan Brunn Architecture. Image © Marc Goodwin


  • In This Space Since: March 2018
  • Number Of Employees: 5
  • Former Use Of Space: Unknown
  • Size: 1,100 SF (102 SM)

Lightning. Image © Marc GoodwinLightning. Image © Marc Goodwin

ANX / Aaron Neubert Architects

  • In This Space Since: 2006
  • Number Of Employees: 10
  • Former Use Of Space: Office
  • Size: 366SM

ANX. Image © Marc GoodwinANX. Image © Marc Goodwin

Default Architecture/Design

  • In This Space Since: 2011
  • Number of Employees: 17
  • Former Use Of Space: mixed use- furniture finisher and a duplex
  • Size: 1,850 sq ft.

Default. Image © Marc GoodwinDefault. Image © Marc Goodwin

CO Architects

  • In This Space Since: 1992
  • Number Of Employees: 110
  • Former Use Of Space: The building was originally built in 1949 as the headquarters and restaurant for the Carnation Company, located in the mid-Wilshire area of ​​Los Angeles. The company’s Board of Directors offices were located on the 9th floor of the building, which CO Architects now occupies. The original building was extensively remodeled and doubled in size after the Carnation Company moved its headquarters in 1989.
  • Size: 1,672 square meters

CO Architects. Image © Marc GoodwinCO Architects. Image © Marc Goodwin

Edward Ogosta Architecture

  • In This Space Since: 2018
  • Number Of Employees: 2-3
  • Former Use Of Space: Bread Factory / Bakery
  • Size: 38 square meters

Edward Ogosta Architecture. Image © Marc GoodwinEdward Ogosta Architecture. Image © Marc Goodwin

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