The High Los Angeles Meals and Drink Tales of 2020

You don’t need us to tell you this was a year unlike any other, but when we revisited some of 2020’s biggest food and drink stories—well, compared to last year’s top news items, the difference was stark. Let’s just say we hope we’re in for better days in 2021, especially when it comes to restaurants and bars.

While 2019 was full of restaurant openings, the promise of a cannabis café and the influencer snub heard ’round the world, 2020 saw ups and downs for Los Angeles diners and even more turbulence for restaurants themselves: Closures, a constantly evolving (and at times contradictory) set of dining regulations kept bars, restaurants, breweries and wineries in a constant state of pivoting, scrambling and even closing, and our top stories reflect that.

But it wasn’t all confusion and heartbreak. This year we also gained new restaurants, made the most of being at home with virtual cooking classes from a Michelin-starred chef, and met some of our favorite new dumplings. Here’s our recap of 2020, as seen through our most popular food and drink stories, and here’s to good dining news in 2021.

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