Smorgasburg LA Reopens With 5 New Meals Spots – NBC Los Angeles

what to know

  • ROW DTLA at 777 Alameda Street in Los Angeles
  • The outdoor food market, one of the largest in the nation, returns on Jan. 9, following a holiday hiatus
  • Free entry (no pets allowed)

While the holidays are famously a time of gifts, presents, sweet surprises, and little treasures, the time following the yuletide can also “present” its own delightful goodies, treats, and joys to a public eager to start the year in a celebratory way .

For it is around the first and second week of the year that many events, happenings, and tried-and-true to-dos return after a brief hiatus, oftentimes with some fresh, public-pleasing finds in tow.

And if those fresh finds are of the foodie variety? Oh happiness: Then the year really is off to an appetizingly aspirational start.

Smorgasburg LA, that large-scale, fully outdoor foodie-tacular, a market brimming with booths serving all sorts of super-savory, sugar-topped, deep-fried, and ultra-healthy fare, took some time off over the holiday season.

But now the ROW DTLA event, a longtime Sunday staple, is returning to downtown, along with a bevy of food-making favorites and five new vendors.

Those vendors include Cali Dumpling (oh yes, those dumplings are handmade), the Middle Eastern street food go-to B’ivrit (cauliflower shwarma, yum), Happy Ice, for fans of Philadelphia-fun treats, the Korean fried chicken sandwiches of Chimmelier by Hanchic, and plant-based burgers (and more) from Say It Ain’t So.

Also happening on Jan. 9 (and Jan. 9 only, as part of the re-opening fun)? “Next Level Chef,” Gordon Ramsay’s new cooking showdown on FOX, will call upon Smorgasburg LA, all to spotlight “what the Los Angeles food scene has to offer.”

Masks will be required at the outdoor market, and entry is free (just note that pets are not allowed).

For more on Smorgasburg LA’s safety policies, visit the site now.

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