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what to know

  • There are two Friday the 13ths in 2023, with the first occurring in January (the year’s second Friday the 13th lands in October)
  • Pasadena Walking Tours is going in search of “Haunted Pasadena” on Jan. 13, 20, and 27
  • SugarMynt Gallery in South Pasadena is hosting a free opening of an eerie new art show celebrating “Sympathetic Monsters”

Superstitions hover in our personal ether every day of the year, but they come to the collective and creepy forefront when the 13th day of a particular month lands on that most popular of weekdays.

Whether or not you knock wood or perform other rituals that boast a lucky reputation, you likely know that Friday the 13th has gained something of a haunting aspect, thanks to the famous “Friday the 13th” horror movies and the frightful fact that Halloween-loving fans honor the day by engaging in all sorts of scary shenanigans.

If you’re seeking an event or treat that has a bit of an eerie edge as the first of the year’s two Friday the 13ths arrives — the second Friday the 13th will occur in October, a perfect fit for the frightful occasion — you can find what you seek around Southern California and beyond.

The “beyond” is the Winchester Mystery House in San Jose, which has become synonymous with Friday the 13th. Pronounced like this, in fact, that self-guided Flashlight Tours are beginning on Friday, Jan. 13, and will continue every Friday through to the end of February.

Around Southern California? You can enjoy a complimentary chicken Vampiro Taco at Solita Tacos & Margaritas in Long Beach through Jan. 15 (you’ll need to mention the offer to get yours).

A “Haunted Pasadena” walking tour is popping up in the Crown City — these popular look-arounds do return, again and again, throughout the calendar, if you miss the one on Jan. 13 — and SugarMynt Gallery is hosting a free opening reception for a new art exhibit on Jan.13.

Artist Lori Herbst Solo Exhibit is in the spotlight, with odes to the Bride of Frankenstein and other “Sympathetic Monsters.”

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