Los Angeles’s 38 Greatest Eating places

Every quarter, Eater LA publishes a map of 38 standout restaurants that best represents Los Angeles’s incredible dining scene. In this massive metropolis, there are both new and decades-old street food stands, a cornucopia of international cuisines, and restaurants of every scale and size that use the best of the region’s folkloric produce. An overarching theme of Los Angeles’s food and restaurants is that flavors need to stand out — ideally heat, acid, and umami are present, in some form, in every dish.

At its core, the city’s far-flung neighborhoods, cultures, and flavors coalesce into an array of culinary boundary-bending restaurants that make it the most compelling place to dine in America. Here now, the 38 essential restaurants in Los Angeles.

Added: Camphor, Dan Tana’s, Here’s Looking at You, Ronan, Caribbean Gourmet, Sari Sari Store

Removed: Pasjoli, Musso & Frank Grill, Horses, Pizzana, Country Style Jamaican Restaurant, Majordomo

Restaurants are located in geographic order, from west to east.

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Grade: Restaurants on this map are listed geographically.

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