Los Angeles Structure, As It May Have Been

Courtesy of LAX Flight Path Learning CenterPereira and Luckman’s Master Plan for LAX is featured in a new exhibition at A+D Museum.

Los Angeles is known as a place where anything is possible. But “Never Built: Los Angeles,” an exhibition that opens Sunday at the A+D Museum, reveals that for all the architectural gems built in the city, there were plenty of innovative projects — buildings, master plans, transportation schemes and more — that didn’t make it past the drawing board. Using renderings, blueprints, models and drawings (many of which will also appear in a companion book from Metropolis, out July 31) the show’s curators, Sam Lubell and Greg Goldin, paint a vivid picture of what might have been. Here, the five projects I most wish had been built.

Slide Show: What Los Angeles Could Have Looked Like

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