Leica Gallery Los Angeles Debuts “From Hell to Hollywood” by Pulitzer Prize-Profitable Photographer Nick Ut

Ut’s photographic career began in the southeast Asia where he covered the war in Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam for The Associated Press (AP). There he took his most famous photo “The Terror of War” with a Leica M2 and won both the Pulitzer Prize for Spot News Photography and the World Press Photo of the Year. In 2012, on the 40th anniversary of his Pulitzer Prize-winning photo, Ut was inducted into the Leica Hall of Fame as the third person to make contributions to photojournalism.

“There was very heavy fighting and bombing in the village in the morning, so some media outlets left before dropping the napalm because they thought they had gotten enough material,” recalls Ut. “They dropped the napalm around noon. When I first saw the napalm explosion, I didn’t think there were civilians in the village … Then I saw people coming out of the fireball and smoking … As they got closer “I switched to my Leica M2 with a 35mm f / 2 lens. First there was a grandmother who was carrying a baby who died in front of my camera. Then I saw the naked girl running through the viewfinder. I thought:” “Oh my god. What happened? The girl has no clothes.” I almost took a roll of Tri-x film from her, then saw her skin peel off and stopped taking pictures [to help get her and the other children to a hospital]. “

Ut spent 51 years at AP reporting on forest fires, riots, earthquakes, the OJ Simpson case, Hollywood Celebrities, the Olympic Games and the Pope’s visit to the City of Angels. He retired from AP in 2017 and has since focused his energies on his love of documenting cultures and the natural world, creating his own assignments, and disseminating his work through Getty Images. He continues to teach workshops, take part in lectures, and show his work in exhibitions.

From hell to Hollywood by Nick Ut will be on display at the Leica Gallery Los Angeles by April 11th to June 3rd, 2019. For more information about the exhibition or the Leica Gallery Los Angeles, please visit http://www.leicagalleryla.com.

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