Lakers: LeBron James Lauds LA Function Participant As “One Of The Most Expert Bigs In The Sport” – All Lakers

Although Anthony Davis has been out for a month now, Thomas Bryant has emerged as a new and impactful big man for the Los Angeles Lakers.

Bryant has provided powerful energy and dominance that Davis normally brings to the team. In Saturday’s game against the Sacramento Kings, Bryant’s skills were on full display.

The 6′ 10” center finished the game with a career high performance, dropping 29 points while picking up 14 rebounds to help contribute to LA’s 136-134 victory over Sacramento.

Of the many new fans Bryant has gained, LeBron James is one of his biggest supporters. The King had high praise for his teammate following the game:

“Thomas is definitely taking full advantage of his opportunity. He’s a guy that plays extremely hard, knows how to play and is probably one of the most skilled bigs in this game.”

The four-time NBA Champion continued by complimenting Bryant’s game, given the fact that the big man can create shots from both the mid-range and the three point line.

Bryant surely delivers on both ends of the floor. As a starter for the season, he is averaging 16.3 points and 9.7 rebounds per game.

Though Bryant has proven his abilities during this short period of time thus far, one can only imagine the additional levels he can unlock as time progresses.

Even once Davis returns, James, Davis, and Bryant on the floor together as a front court could be a very big threat to opponents. Until then, James and the rest of the team continue to elevate their game alongside Bryant as they become more acclimated with his role in the absence of Davis.

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