Lakers Information: How LA Beat Grizzlies Regardless of Large Rebounding Drawback – All Lakers

The Lakers pulled a rabbit out of their hat last night to pick up their 21st win of the season against the Memphis Grizzlies.

LA was in yet another nail-biter, and thanks to their two leading scorers, Russell Westbrook with 29 points, LeBron James with 23 points, and Dennis Schroder, who sealed the deal with his game-winning steal along with 19 points, they came out on top.

James had a solid game overall and spent time with Lakers reporter Mike Trudell after the game to discuss the win despite LA’s major rebound disadvantage.

The four-time MVP said the difference was in the fourth quarter.

“We just kept our composition and kept executing. We got to the free throw line and made our free throws in the fourth quarter. We defended and finally started getting some defensive rebounds in the fourth quarter.”

The Grizzlies had a 63-47 rebound advantage, but the Lakers scratched, clawed, and fought their way into victory.

The Lakers have not been on the right side of these last handful of close games, but luckily they came out with a win, and they were due for a close win.

LA will now turn their attention to the Portland Trail Blazers as they will travel to the Pacific Northwest for that matchup on Sunday.

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