LA mandates all new buildings be all-electric in main milestone | Information


Image courtesy Office of Los Angeles Mayor

[The] Los Angeles City Council put an end to the expansion of local natural gas infrastructure on December 7th when they unanimously approved an ordinance requiring that all new buildings within city limits be constructed all-electric. With this vote, Los Angeles became the largest city in the state and the second largest city in the country to mandate a definitive shift away from fossil fuels in new construction. —

City Hall had previously adopted a similar ordinance for all its municipal buildings in 2020, and passed a ban on gas appliances along with a mandate for emissions-free new constructions at the end of spring. The new building code changes are set to go into effect with the new year. A test run for a fleet of driverless EV taxis is also set to hit the streets soon in what could be a complicated counterbalance to the impact of car culture in the city.

The move now gives 70 California with some form of an all-electric requirement, prompting speculation that a statewide code update might come in 2025.

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