LA Group Fridges Positioned All through LA to Present Entry to Meals – NBC Los Angeles

LA Community Fridges is placing communal fridges around the city of LA with the goal to provide healthy and equal access to food.

The concept of how the fridges work is simple.

The fridges are placed in multiple different places around LA and are free for people to access and take what they need.

They are a network of decentralized and independent refrigerators and pantries that are filled with food and other supplies for communities through mutual aid.

LA Community Fridges

LA Community Fridges accepts donations of non-perishable and canned goods to help stock its pantries.

LA Community Fridges is not a non-profit, charity, or government-funded organization. It does not accept support or collaborate with entities related to law enforcement or government bodies.

LA Community Fridges operates under five main pillars: Community, Trust, Equality, Resource Redistribution and Mutual Aid. All of these aimed at their mission of strengthening communities & redistributing existing resources by providing tools and frameworks.

Everyone is open to make donations to a fridge. LA Community Fridges does have a list of items they do not accept like home cooked meals for safety purposes.

All individuals making a donation to a fridge are encouraged to wear masks and gloves to help limit the spread of COVID.

They accept fresh produce, non-perishable items, canned good, and even accept other non-food items like PPE and other hygiene products as well.

At this time they are not accepting monetary donations and encouraging involvement in other ways than just donating food like helping transport volunteers to different fridge locations.

Use this link to find a fridge near you.

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