Joe Biden pays Four instances extra for tacos throughout Los Angeles go to

During a visit to Los Angeles on Thursday, United States President Joe Biden spent nearly four times the actual price on tacos and quesadillas.

The 79-year-old beamed widely as he picked up an order and instructed the staff to use the additional cash to cover the cost of the subsequent client.

Along with California Rep. Karen Bass and Los Angeles County Supervisor Hilda Solis, Biden placed an order for two quesadillas, six tacos, and chicken quesadillas for himself.

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The server informed the president that the bill at a Tacos 1986 location had been reduced by 50% as a “public service,” making the final amount only $16.45.

Instead, the president, who is fighting against inflation that is destroying pocketbooks, gave over $60 in cash.

In southern California, where there are millions of Latino residents, taco businesses and stands are common place. The general public enjoys them just as much as the millions of Latino residents do.

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After fresh data revealed that Americans were still getting hit hard by rising prices, the president exhibited his generous side at lunch.

The final consumer pricing survey before November’s midterm elections revealed costs had increased by 0.4% in the previous month.

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President Biden arrived in Los Angeles on Wednesday as part of a West Coast trip with just weeks until nationwide midterm elections that could reshape Congress. Biden’s visit to Southern California follows a stop in Colorado, where he was scheduled to designate the first national monument of his presidency. Camp Hale is an alpine training facility where US soldiers trained for battles in the Italian Alps during WWII.

Biden will attend a campaign event focused on the nation’s infrastructure in Southern California, as well as a House Democrats fundraiser on Thursday. The fundraiser is in Brentwood, according to Deadline, but it was not immediately clear who organized it.

The White House announced that Biden will be in Orange County on Friday to speak about “lower costs for American families.” The discussion’s specifics were not immediately available.

“We’ve been very clear that the president and vice president will go out,” White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said on Tuesday. “They’re going to talk about the accomplishments of this administration over the last 19 months.”

The visit occurs at a time when California’s early voting for the November 8 election is already underway, every registered voter has received a mail-in ballot, and the Los Angeles City Council is the subject of a firestorm. Tuesday, Biden joined a long list of politicians from the federal, state, and local levels who demanded the resignation of three Los Angeles City Council members following a recording of a conversation about redistricting in which they made racist comments about the colleague’s 2-year- old adopted Black son.

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