Cheese Lovers, Get Tickets to Your Creamiest Dream Fest – NBC Los Angeles

what to know

  • Santa Rosa
  • March 24 through 26, 2023; tickets go on sale Jan 4
  • Top cheese pros will attend the gourmet gatherings; look for tours and special events, too

THE FORTUNE FUN FOODS… of the new year, the types of celebratory snacks that we make wishes upon (before promptly gobbling down), are plentiful. Some are sweet, others are hearty, and each has a tale to tell. Your family may only eat a particular time of legume on New Year’s Eve, or a certain breakfast dish on New Year’s Day, but whatever the tradition, it is truly something special. But the first day of the year is also a time of looking ahead to the many flavorful food festivals on the Golden State cuisine calendar, including a party that spotlights a delicious dairy superstar: cheese. The slice-ready, spreadable, incredibly appetizing icon is on many minds around the new year — fondues, after all, are a popular dish around the celebratory occasion — but we’re already looking ahead to an especially cheesy start to springtime.

CALIFORNIA ARTISAN CHEESE FESTIVAL… is the snackable celebration at the forefront of our daydreams, for tickets go on sale Jan. 4, 2023. The splendid Santa Rosa meet-up includes tastings, tours, and excellent opportunities to chat with cheese experts. Bygone years have also featured tours, talks, and a host of special and especially tempting events. As for the upcoming dates of the 17th annual festival? It’s all happening over the first weekend of spring 2023: March 24-26. Follow this site for more dreamy ‘n creamy details, and get your tickets to the mouthwatering romp soon; past happenings have sold out.

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