A part of Commerce On line casino Evacuated – NBC Los Angeles

Part of the Commerce Casino was evacuated early Tuesday when deputies responded to a report of a man armed with a knife.

Deputies responded to the Commerce Hotel and Casino just before 6 am The lower level of the casino off the 5 Freeway southeast of downtown Los Angeles was evacuated during the search.

About 100 people, including patrons and employees, were in the casino.

One person was taken into custody, according to the sheriff’s department. A crisis negotiator and mental health evaluation team responded during the standoff with deputies, which lasted about two hours before the man surrendered.

A 6-inch knife was recovered at the scene.

An ambulance responded to the scene. It was not immediately clear whether anyone was transported to a hospital.

An ambulance just arrived at #Commerce Casino, where deputies responded to reports of a man with a knife. The lower level of the casino has been evacuated, according to deputies. We’re standing by for an update from LASD. @NBCLA pic.twitter.com/AAULUY4C7q

— Lauren Coronado (@LaurenmCoronado) January 31, 2023

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