A number of Unlawful Weapons Seized From Hollywood Condominium – NBC Los Angeles

An apartment building in Hollywood is where one of the renters Tuesday night threatened the front door security to such an extent they called the LAPD.

A search warrant was granted and now for the first time and only on NBC4 are police sharing what was seized from a man’s 18th floor apartment.

There was also two bullet proof vests and what isn’t seen but was taken into evidence was well over a 1,000 rounds of ammunition of various calibers for all the different weapons, according to Capt. Raymond Valois.

All of it was inside the apartment on Gordon Avenue just off of Sunset Boulevard from an apartment with floor to ceiling windows.

The man identified as 24-year-old Braxton Johnson is being questioned by detectives as to why he had all of those weapons, some of them illegal and none of them registered.

The reasoning behind everything remains unknown.

“Based on the location of the weapons, the type of weapons and what I have been told by investigators, that these officers and I absolutely believe they prevented a mass shooting type of event,” said Capt. Raymond Valois. “I think it was simple, a matter of time before something may have occurred that this suspect may have started shooting out of his apartment and cause considerable mayhem, something similar to what happened in Las Vegas.”

Valois says the view from that apartment included Hollywood Boulevard, the iconic Capitol Records Building and the 101 Freeway. He said the bolt action rifle thy seized could easily reach a half a mile if fired.

Detectives are still interviewing Johnson and there is no confirmation if the federal government is involved.

The security guard who alerted police is shaken up and not on-call.

Another security guard did tell NBC4 that the man in custody had just moved into the building.

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