Do I join OMEA or MENC?
OMEA is an affiliate of MENC. Therefore, when you join one, you join both. Your membership payment and membership card is processed through MENC. You make one payment to MENC and your OMEA allocation is sent to OMEA as well as your membership number and information.

How much does it cost?
At the present time, the cost is $115, which includes both your MENC and OMEA membership. If you were an OCMEA member and this is your first year of teaching, it will be half price.

How do I join?
Click here.

Why should I join OMEA?

If I was an OCMEA member, how do I switch it to a regular membership?
The best way to insure that this is processed correctly and you receive your first-year discount, call MENC member services to join. Call 1-800-828-0229. You will receive 1/2 off your first-year active membership if you were an OCMEA member.

How do I know what OMEA district I am in?
Your district is based on the county that you TEACH in. In the case of Cuyahoga County, it is based on your zip code.
Click here to view the district map.

If I move, what do I do?
At any time any of your personal or professional information changes, go to the update area of the OMEA website and update it. This insures that you will receive all materials pertaining to your area of teaching as well as OMEA publications.

How do I find OMEA activities, meetings, etc.
Click here to view the OMEA calendar of events.

How can I get involved?
If you are interested in getting more involved in OMEA, contact your district president and president-elect.
Click here to find your district's officers.

OMEA has many experienced music educators that are more than willing to serve as mentors to new teachers. Click here to find a mentor.

TRIAD - the official publication for OMEA
TRIAD mails three times during the school year—Fall, Winter, and Spring. Often these include special focus issues which are extremely helpful to music educators on a popular topic. TRIAD is one of two major communication tools for OMEA, the other being the website. The cost of TRIAD is part of your membership.

The scheduled mailings for TRIAD are:
Fall - October 3, 2009 Winter - January 4, 2010 Spring - April 5, 2010
Please give 7-10 days after these mail dates to receive your copy.

If you are not receiving your copies, make sure we have your updated information by going to Update Your Information under Membership. If that is up-to-date, contact member services at

Contributions to Music Education
Contributions to Music Education is a music education research journal with an international circulation.
To subscribe, click here.