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For information on submitting material to TRIAD, and for missed issues or information about future issues - contact:

Shelley Jagow - Editor of Triad

3640 Colonel Glenn Hwy Dayton OH 45435-0002

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The following guidelines should be helpful to both prospective and established authors:
1. The editor encourages the submission of manuscripts on all phases of music education at every instructional level. Special focus article topics will be listed in a future issue.
2.  Manuscripts should be concise, well-structured papers. An average length for an article should be no more than 1,500 words. Higher Education news submissions can be no more than 300 words. The author of each submission is providing consent to editing of grammar, style, and content.
3. Avoid generalities and complex constructions. The article will generally be more interesting, have more impact, and be more persuasive if you try to write in a straightforward, clear manner.
TRIAD is always pleased to receive photographs with a manuscript, when those photographs enhance the information in the text. Photo submissions must be actual images (jpeg or eps), 5" x 7” or 8” x 10” in size and must be 300 dpi. Please email editor all digital photos. You may send hard copy photos to the Member, Media, and Information Services Office to be used. The most interesting pictures are candid scenes of individuals or small groups of people actively doing something rather than a full class or a full ensemble.
5. Write in present tense whenever possible, and carefully check all materials for accuracy in spelling, grammar and content. (Most computers offer spelling and grammar programs to check word-processing.)
6. You may use as a guide any style manual appropriate to the type of article you are submitting. If you have questions pertaining to different style manuals, do not hesitate to contact the Editor of TRIAD.
7. Because the editor verifies all quotations, you are to include full bibliographical information and the source of the quotation, including volume number, issue number, and page number.
8. Music examples, diagrams, and endnotes
(footnotes are not to be used) must appear on separate sheets at the end of the manuscript, keyed-in to the main body of text. Do not include diagrams that are borrowed from copyrighted works.
9. If you refer to our professional organizations as OMEA or NAfME in an article, column, or advertisement, please do not place a punctuation mark after each letter.
10. Be sure to include a brief bio with your submission and a photograph of yourself. All digital images of authors must be 300 dpi at 3".
11. Please send articles electronically in Microsoft Word format. Editor will contact you if hard copy and disc of manuscript are necessary.
12. Each manuscript is given a careful, thoughtful reading. Special focus edition articles will be reviewed by at least two members of the editorial board. A decision concerning possible publication will be made within two months. Manuscripts that do not meet current editorial needs and priorities are returned to the author as soon as possible.
13. The publication schedule for the remaining issues in this school year (and next) is included in this issue. You are encouraged to send your columns and articles early. If material is late, it often cannot be included.

OMEA is a non-profit organization and it is not possible to make payment for contributions to the magazine.

When submitting disk files for TRIAD articles, please save them in either Microsoft Word or Excel formats. If you cannot save in these formats, please contact the editor directly. Please – Always label your disk with format you have used, and supply hard copy with your disk.