Membership - Renew Your Membership
PLEASE read the information below BEFORE renewing your membership.

Some members are having difficulty renewing memberships through the NAfME online process and it has resulted in receiving new membership numbers and creating duplicate listings. To avoid this problem, please read the following login process needed to enter the renewal section of the NAfME website.

When clicking on the link below, you will be taken to the NAfME Membership Applications page. From there, you can choose to renew online.
To Log In to NAfME Membership Renewal Area:

  • This is the email address that is currently on file with NAfME. If it has changed since you renewed last, you will need to use the old address to get in.

  • If you have not previously registered an email address with NAfME, you cannot use the online Membership Renewal System - please call NAfME at the phone number on the screen: 1-800-828-0229

  • This is your complete nine-digit NAfMEmembership #, including the leading zeros.

  • If you have problems with the login, please call NAfME at 1-800-828-0229. DO NOT CREATE A NEW ACCOUNT.

Click Here to Renew Your Membership